Latino Sexuality
  1. I’m happy to introduce and feature some amazing Black Sexologists for Black History Month (and always because it’s always BHM here and at The LatiNegr@s Project!) This month I will be featuring amazing Black women in the sexuality and sexology field. Each woman featured is also a member of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN), an amazing space that has given us a connection to one another and ways to network.

    Each woman featured is not only an amazing provider, educator, therapist, and/or activist, but they are also a part of the WOCSHN Fundraising effort to raise funds to attend AASECT conference this year where we will present our original research and findings. Please consider donating if you can and spreading the word so we can meet our goal!

    Please meet De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson

    Why you are in the field, what brought you to the field?

    My mother always talked to my older sister and me about sex and sexuality. There wasn’t one big conversation where she talked about the birds and the bees, but whenever she sensed we had questions or concerns, she always made herself available and tried to help us understand and appreciate our own sexuality. As a psychology and later social work major at Saint Louis University, a good friend introduced the idea of sex therapy to me as I was sharing my plans to go into marriage and family therapy. Upon further investigation, I realized the field of sexuality needed new varied voices that could not only speak to our own cultural experiences, but bring that appreciation of diversity to a greater audience. And so after yet another talk with my mom, who was nothing but supportive, I decided to pursue a certification in sex therapy. As I told her, my goal is to help people have great sex and come to appreciate and accept themselves as whole persons.

    What work do you do, what do you hope to shift/change/work on?

    I currently provide individual and couples therapy to a variety of clients. Also, I conduct monthly workshops that focus on issues of sexuality within the context of Christianity. My goal is to provide education and assist in healing so that people can understand the amazing gift of sexuality instead of feeling restricted in its expression.

    Ideas of future work for Black women in the field (esp Black sexologists)

    I am inspired daily by the work of those in the WOCSHN. Seeing them move forward in advocacy and education propels me to do better. However, we are still a very small minority within the field of sexuality. This may sound simple, but I think it’s important that we continue our work, support each other, and find new ways for our voices to be heard. The fact that so many people of color are presenting at this year’s AASECT conference excites me. This is, I believe, a step in the right direction. We have to keep pressing and, of course, lifting each other as we climb higher.

    Anything else you want to add?

    At the end of this month, I will be hosting a workshop titled, “Good Girls DON’T Do That! …Or Do They” with my good friend who introduced me to the idea of sex therapy. You can find more information here. Also, I blog at Sex For The Saints and you can find my personal profile at about.me

    Please support the work of Black sexologists and consider a donation or sharing information about WOCSHN fundraising efforts.

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