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  1. Umpire tells New Mexico high school team to stop speaking Spanish

    [since when cant you shit talk in sports, in any language? or is this about telling youth they cant express themselves in any language? or is this about power? or white supremacy? something else? or all of the above? (i already know the answer i ask these for those of you who have yet to consider them)]

    A high school umpire may be caught in a pickle after asking a Latino player to stop speaking Spanish during the game in Las Cruzes, New Mexico.

    A group of baseball coaches from Gadsden High School, are filing a formal complaint with the New Mexico Activities Association against umpire Corey Jones, according to The Albuquerque Journal.

    Witnesses report that after Jones allegedly asked the first base player to stop speaking Spanish he proceeded to tell coaches, “anyone who speaks Spanish – coaches or players – will be ejected.”

    According to assistant coach, Emmanuel Burciaga, Jones went on to justify his comments by saying he was doing it for the sake of sportsmanship and didn’t know if the players were insulting their opponents in a different language.

    The situation simmered down after another umpire who spoke Spanish said he would put a stop to any cursing if that was the case.

    The high school is part of the Gadsden Independent School District that currently serves 97 percent Hispanic students whose primary language is Spanish.

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